Best Programming Languages for School Students

Best Programming Languages for School Students

Programming skill is a new talent to be developed in students. Afterall coding has become a mandatory part of our education system. However, there are so many different programming languages which are being used for coding, so it is hard to decide which one will be the best to pick for young students. Here Digiacademy is providing the list of top three programming languages for kids :

  • Python

    Python is a programming language that is easy to code and understand. Python code that is written well enough that there is no need to add comments. With Python, students will hardly face any obstacles regards programming. They will be able to learn how to construct programming ideas and generate instructions that the machine can interpret. Python also has a “batteries included” philosophy, which interprets that just by simply researching and using the core Python libraries one can easily create codes. There are many inbuilt functions which makes it easier for kids to learn.

  • Java

    Java is comparatively a bit harder to learn. Many students think about creating their own apps or websites but they don’t know where to start. Java has a pool of online resources, toolkits and tutorials that can help students to create their virtual world. The object oriented setup of the language makes it easy for students to progress. Java is quite similar to C and C++, but offers more functionalities, thereby enables students to create more robust programs.

  • C++

    Many computer science experts believe it to be the most basic language, hence believe that a student should start with C++. But developers think it to be as difficult as math, so they believe that it might put students off the idea of learning to code. But, once the basic fundamentals of programming are understood, however, C++ can open many doors into the world of programming.

    Programming teaches about how a process works. It promotes a student to follow sequential manner in doing things. Whether the programming language is tough or easy, it can be learnt with proper determination. And DigiAcademy is there for your students to teach them coding using these wonderful programming languages.